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Going green! Natural and organic cosmetics at Cosmoprof


Visitors walking through the 21N pavilion at Cosmoprof 2013

The 2013 Cosmoprof Worldwide edition closed last week with a record number of exhibitors! Some 2400 companies from all over the world took part. According to Cosmoprof visitor numbers were also at record levels: the number of total visitors was up 14% while the number of foreign visitors was 22% higher than last year.

There’s encouraging news too for the green beauty industry – the green pavilion seemed even bigger this year! The 21N pavilion is probably the largest gathering of  natural and organic cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, certification bodies and publishers in the world. It is certainly has more green exhibitors than Cosmoprof Las Vegas and has more exhibitors in the cosmetics section than specialised organic fairs like BioFach.

Even more importantly–  natural and organic manufacturers and brands are now infiltrating into other pavilions – country pavilions, hair, cosmetics, SPA and so on.

There are signs that packaging companies introducing a greater number of  sustainable products –  green packaging was being advertised here and there in the Cosmopack part of the exhibition.

What other green cosmetics exhibitions are worth visiting? Please comment below and see you next year at 21N !

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  1. 28 March, 2013    

    Wow! Great article, had no idea that so many beauty industry companies are starting to use more green and organic products and also use green packaging for their products. That is great news.

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